femme failure

kiki. 19. cislady. sun in pisces; moon in aries. INFJ. black. queer femme. witch baby. junk food goddess. queen of the negroes. sad, shy selfie queen. bibliophile with a daria complex. i'm not sure i was meant to exist.
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i need like a kiki’s delivery service break

take a year to myself somewhere new and learn how to settle within myself

also adopt a black cat

this post is getting so many notes??? i’m literally just going through a crisis and thinking about taking a gap year??

snook0626 said: Oh wow

it’s not like an overwhelming odor like i have to put my entire head in my armpits to smell something i still got it i just should shower again which is fine i love showering and like i said he was never close enough to smell gross things i think i am in the clear

i spent a lot of time after/in class w/ cute boy today only to get home and discover my armpits smelled so bad

hi hello would like help

cried for the first time since who knows when last night so


I’m having a raw gems moment. Oh me oh my.

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Dabang Dulhaniya

the little vampire is on british netflix though

need to somehow do a performance burlesque piece to fiona apple’s criminal that’s a critique on the prison industrial complex and such it ends with a banner that reads fck white supremacy